What are some of the mistakes of Indians that are destroying their financial lives?

What are some of the mistakes of Indians that are destroying their financial lives?

*Not able to crack the credit card mystery:* Are you paying the minimum amout due on your credit card payment? If yes, you are trapped in credit card mystery. On the other side, very few people really enjoy the benefits like free lounge access, buy one get one movie ticket, etc.

*No idea about the power of compounding:* Everyone has come across the formula of compounding but very few people really understand its power. This is the reason people do not start saving early and hence lose out on the power of compounding. Albert Einstein said that power of compounding is the eighth wonder of the world.

*Buying stocks based on tips without any knowledge:* You will find every Tom, Dick and Harry giving stock tips over Facebook, Whatsapp and TV. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall in a trap of these people and invest money without any knowledge. What is the end result? They lose everything!

*Becoming a victim of lifestyle inflation*: Moving from 2bhk to 3bhk just because you have got a good hike, upgrading your car because you have got some bonus are some of the examples of lifestyle inflation destroying financial lives.

*Buying things just because they are on discount*: From Amazon’s “Great Indian Sale” to Flipkart’s “The Big Billion Days”, everyone is encashing on the weakness of Indians buying things just because it is on discount. Funny thing is now you will find such sales every other month.

*Getting tempted to go for an exotic vacation* just because someone put a post on Facebook and Instagram: Instagram and Facebook are introduced as Social Media Platform but they are actually destroying the entire social fabric. Friends are jealous of each other. Most of them are just social media friends. Facebook and Instagram are more of a marketing platform where people post stuff just to get some likes and companies promote their product and services.

*Spending a bomb on weekend parties:* 5 days work and 2 days party: This is the new culture in India. Pubs are jam-packed on weekends where people would spend a bomb on drinks. By the end of the month, they are left with no money.

*No track of cash flow:* Very few people keep a track of their expenses. Most of them just don’t know where the money is gone.

*No emergency budget:* Not having any extra money in the case of an emergency results in embarrassing situations of borrowing money from friends and relative. Some people even break their investments and make a big mistake.

*No medical insurance*: I have seen people losing out the lifetime savings just because they did not take medical insurance. One accident can shatter all financial dreams. Better be insured. Healthcare cost is rising and it is impossible to manage it without insurance.

*No financial plan:* People do not know why they need to save money because they don’t know their financial goals.

*No diversification*: Some people would invest all their money in real estate, some would invest all the money in gold, some would just keep it in the locker, some would invest all the money in the stock market. Very few people understand the right way of diversifying the investments.

*Spending all the hard earned money on children marriage:* Thanks to our hypocritic society! People save their entire life just to spend all the money on random relatives who only bother about the food and arrangements. What is the topic of discussion at weddings? “Sharma ji ne to unki beti ko car gift kari. (Mr Sharma has gifted a car to his daughter)”. “Mehta ji ne unki beti ko 50 tola sona diya” (Mr Mehta has gifted 500-gram gold to his daughter.)

*Buying excessive gold only to keep it in the locker:* Gold worth lakhs is kept in lockers only to be used once or twice a year. This is resulting in the money getting blocked and hence not getting any returns on it.

*An extremely conservative approach with investment:* Traditionally, people have been risk-averse. They would just have an FD and live on 6–7% annual interest. Some would just keep the cash at home.

*Lack of clarity between asset and liability:* Having a car is not an asset because it consumes fuel and has a maintenance cost. Its price will only depreciate in the future. Car is a necessity but people spend a lot of money and even take the loan to buy a luxury car over and above their budget.

*Considering frugal as cheap:* A lot of people confuse economic spending with being cheap. An economic spender does not compromise with quality but does his research well enough to buy the product or service at the lowest rate.

*Procrastinating investment decisions:* “I will invest from tomorrow”. But the problem is that tomorrow never comes.

*Spending a lot of money on fancy stuff:* A fancy car, a fancy house, a fancy watch, a fancy vacation. People want fancy stuff and willing to pay a premium irrespective of the value it generates.

*Lack of patience:* “I can’t wait for my wealth to grow. I want to double my investments in 6 months. I need to invest in the stock market.” A lot of people lose their lifetime of savings because they don’t have the patience to understand the investment option and would blindly trust anyone with their investment.

*Depending upon others for investment decisions:* “I don’t know anything about investment. Please manage my money.” Unfortunately, a lot of people are dependent upon others with their hard earned money. This is the reason we have a lot of self-proclaimed experts giving stock market tips.

*Not discussing the money matters in the family:* Discussions related to money are considered as a taboo in Indian families. Nobody really discusses money matters.

*Getting too greedy with investment:* People blindly invest their money in penny stocks, day trading, futures and options. They eventually lose all their hard earned money. What is the root cause? GREED.

*Buying stocks at the peak and selling on fall:* Most of the retail investors get over excited with a rising market and invest when the market is at its peak. Eventually, the market corrects and they sell the stocks at a loss.

*Wasting time on unproductive things:* Rather than learning new stuff and growing the skillset, people end up wasting time on social media and YouTube.

*Lack of disciplined investment:* Instead of spending what is left after investing, people invest what is left after spending. This results in indisciplined investment.

*Root Cause:* Lack of knowledge about personal financial management!!



We are all inherently magnificent beings with limitless potential for experiencing and expressing unconditional love, joy and creativity. However, to fully experience our true nature, the child within must be embraced and expressed! Unless we reconnect with our inner-child in a safe and unconditional environment, the child within will remain isolated and alone. By fully reintegrating with our inner-child, we can become complete human beings and once again feel whole.

*What is INNER CHILD?*

The inner child has many names. It is called our authentic self, real self, natural child, core self, our creative energy, our inner place of knowing. Inner Child is:
• Part of us which is embodiment of divine essence that is eternally joyful, unconditionally loving, all embracing, creative, spontaneous, playful
• Inner Child reminds us of our WHOLENESS

*Definition of the wounded Inner Child:*

The wounded “Inner Child” is the egocentric, severed parts of you that felt hurt, terrified, vulnerable and neglected and never allowed to express himself / herself. The severed part of us might contains certain qualities like frankness, innocence, fearlessness, fun loving, etc. that after few incidents, we feel incomplete and miss these qualities in ourselves.

*How the wounded “Inner Children” come into our life:*

The wounded “Inner Children” came into our life because we were:
• Forced to adapt specific behaviors and views from our parents & society. For example:
 Real men don’t cry.
 Showing emotion is a sign of weakness.
 Assertiveness is not a good quality.
• Denied to express our true feelings.
• Denied of our true self so that we can be accepted and loved.

*Signs of the existence of the wounded Inner Child:*

• Constant mistrust about life.
• Fear of intimacy.
• Seeking to please our parents and others.
• Having problems with authority and hierarchy.
• Constant needs to judge, criticize, condemn and blame ourselves and others for our problems.
• Holding onto anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, and guilt.
• Constant feeling of loneliness, isolation and separation from everyone.
• Having a strong attitude of “what is in this for me?” in everything we do.

*Risks of suppressing the wounded Inner Child:*

When we suppress our wounded “Inner Children,” we run the risks of:
• Not being able to enjoy and appreciate life fully.
• Not being able to relax and manage stress.
• Not being able to feel fully alive.
• Not being able to love and trust.
• Taking ourselves too seriously in everything we do.
• Becoming workaholics in order to hide our past issues and childhood wounds.

*Benefits of healing the wounded Inner Child:*

• True freedom from the past by releasing old patterns
• New sense of freedom to express oneself
• Live life joyfully and ability to stay in the present moment
• Restore the natural sense of wonder, playfulness, spontaneity, optimism and resilience

CASINO available on a long lease in a 5 Star Hotel in Panaji,Goa.

CASINO available on a long lease in a 5 Star Hotel in Panaji,Goa.

The Casino is situated in a 5 star business and leisure resort perched atop the hillock in the heart of Panaji city the capital of GOA with every room offering breathtaking view of the pristine River Mandovi and Panaji City.  Besides the homely, comfortable spacious rooms, and restaurants offering continental, Indian and Goan cuisine.

The CASINO GOA is ideally located at the very hub of casino activities and with all valid licenses in Goa.

Other additional facility at the hotel includes banquets, swimming pool with an attached jacuzzi, Spa and salon.

As discussed please find some details of our proposal for the Casino operations  as follows:

1. The monthly operating (rental) fee payable to us would be Rs. 15,00,000/- plus taxes (negotiable) with no share in the profits of the casino operations to us.

2. Annual Casino Recurring fees charges as applicable to be paid to the Govt. by the operator. (Please check necessary government notifications. It will be around Rs.10 Crores if area of Casino is 100 Q.Mtrs and Rs.20 Crores if area used 240 Sq.Mtrs.)

3. In order to have an immediate startup of  the casino operation we can help you in arranging the buying out of the casino machines from local Machine owners and dealers for a best price and also in sourcing the experienced manpower.

4. The total available Area  is 240 sqmts. excluding the guest washroom, staff recreation, toilet and locker areas.  The Casino Gaming Machines Setup can even be done within 100 sqmts.

5. We will provide you Rooms and Food at a special discounted rate. Beverages and Alcohol can be provided at Cost.  We can also work out a special rate for rooms on lease basis or room nights basis.

6. All Casino operational cost to be borne by the casino operator.

7. Refundable Security deposits of Rs. 2.00 Crores to be paid to us.

8. Term of agreement is for 5 years and further renewable.

9. All required licenses are active and valid

Please contact Intellex Consulting for any further information and discussion.

Intellex is a ONE-STOP Consulting firm with offices/associates all over India, for consulting in Banking & Finance (both Debt and Equity,), Accounting & Taxation (Both Income Tax and GST) , Risk Management and Overseas Company Incorporation, Strategic & Management Consulting etc.

The promoters of our organizations come from diverse background such as from IIT & IIM as well as Chartered Accountants, Lawyers. We are based in Mumbai (India) and having offices across most of the cities in India.

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Medicinal benefits of the Panamangapatti

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The best food we will see today


There are no people who do not like the sweet taste … why many people say they are addicted to sweet taste …

Sweet flavors give the body a body of mucosal so that you can get a diet rich in flour if you have a healthy diet and get a healthy life.

Most of the foods we eat are durable, medicated … Studies … It’s a good idea to say that the body is suffering from chronic illness by taking a lot of dainted foods. Something about this

Have we thought about it?


Not only the carbohydrate but also the intake of our food, all the ingredients that are joined to the body are two types

1) Good nutrition for good food intake

2) Bad nutrients that can be ingesting foods

Let’s look at this

We are a close friend of the White Sucker, and we have the opposite. Medicinal benefits of the Panamangapatti

This is the difference between taking white sugar and joining the body is bad mashed potatoes (sugar nut)

This is what we are saying about diabetes

It means that when we seek treatment for diabetes, we are laying the foundation for all our illnesses

Our body is self renewing and our body does not need any medicine …

Food is a medicine …

Today we forget everything and go somewhere towards a destructive path

Benefits of the nucleus

Immunization increases the embryo day by day.Hormone containing Vitamin-B and amino acids controls diabetes.

Women who have reached the end of pregnancy will be healthy with the nutrients and urine. Fiber is too much.

Dandruff can be diluted with chopped nutrients, along with garlic mash.

There are countless vitamins and mineral nutrients in the nucleus and sunburn. The cervix can naturally cool the body. The ‘Glycemic Index’ in the body reduces the amount of sugar dissolved in the body, less than half the white sugar.

You can drink nuggets instead of sugar. It contains lime and immune supplements. Suitable for children.

Um remnants of the umbilical cord or any other impurities and expel all tankavitamal

Disadvantages of the white cycle

What are the changes in our body when sugar is consumed? To summarize, it creates disorders in the movement of our organs and destroys health.

There are no nutrients in sugarcane juice in sugarcane, which is taken from sugarcane.

The amount of sugar that is too much can cause stiffness in the body’s constant motion. In the effort to correct this dilemma, the body absorbs sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is an effort to correct the acid-alkaline in blood.

Problems intensify when sugar is consumed daily. More acids and vitamins are absorbed in the body when it increases the acidity in the body. At this time a lot of calcium is extracted from teeth and bone. The whole body weakens.

Most sugar affects every element of the body. Early sugar is stored in moisture in the form of glucose (glycogen). Since there is a limit to the saving of the liver, the liver balloon model extends to the daily intake of sugar. If not in the liver, additional glycogen fatty acids are stored in the blood. These are taken into all the organs and are stored in a large area (stomach, buttock, breast, thigh).

When fatty acids are full of these parts, they are stored in the heart and kidneys. Thus their movement decreases. High blood pressure is created.

This is because the nervous system of the nervous system and the cerebellar in its surveillance are either active or inactivated. White cells are great. Tissue formation is delayed.

Our resistance is less and it affects us all the way to cool, cool, mosquito and germs.
The amount of sugar that is too high can cause brain damage. Glutamic acid in most vegetables helps in balanced brain function. The ‘B’ vitamins in this work do the job.

‘B’ vitamins produced by symbiotic bacteria live in our gut. These bacteria die after a refined white sugar consumed every day. The amount of B vitamins in our body decreases.

It causes too much sugary sleep. Mathematical skills and memory are beginning to decline. The refined sugar is not digested in the mouth or stomach. Instead, we go directly to the lower intestine and mix in our blood. That’s why the “sudden power” occurs after sugar is consumed.

Sucrose’s attachment in the blood vessels causes more harm than good. Sugar stimulates the normal movement of the stomach. When you eat along with other foods such as bread, meat and coconut, the stomach retains the baby for a while.

Sugar in the bread and coke drink stayed until meat is digested. Until the protein in the meat is eaten, Sunni ferries out there. When the protein is added to Chinese, they become fermented.

5 types of disorders in China

1. Sugar synthetic chemicals. Vitamins, mineral, protein, cereals and other nutrients are destroyed during sugar production.

On the contrary, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in sugarcane transplanting. 14% of the canes are mineral, vitamins and chlorophyll. These nutrients enrich the body.
But all these nutrients are completely removed, and it acts as a drug and white chest.

2. Sugar is made like heroin drugs. They handle almost the same method of sugar production and heroin drug production.

Opium is taken from its seed during heroin drug production. Then purify the flow and transform into morphine. Some of these chemical changes in Morfin are made into heroin drugs.

The same method is used in sugar making. They take cavities from sugarcane. Then it becomes black. Then it changes the chemical into white white.

3. Sunny is alcoholic. All other chemicals in alcohol are excluding only one chemical molecule.

4. Sugar addiction. Sinai is one of the most addictive consumers. Some say that Sini Heroin is addicted to drugs. If the drinkers suddenly stop the habit, shiver, headache, irritability. The same impacts occur when sugar is stopped.

5. Sugar is harmless and harmful to the body. After sugar is consumed, the important nutrients from healthy cells in the body are attracted to the digestive tract of the Chinese. Calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are made from many parts of the body.

This calcium excretion is caused by the loss of calcium in the bones and causes bone distortion. The same thing is done in the same way. Because sugar is completely destroyed, all the nutrients are completely destroyed, and when you eat the Chinese, the acidity increases in the body. More nutrients are drawn from the body to correct this acidity.

Sugar – both drugs are poisonous

Any substance that is injected into the body will be treated as poisonous. Drugs are a poison. Even then the Chinese are poisonous. Like a drug, China also enslaves. (Which leads to over-stress and stress). Like a drug addict, it also causes a variety of strains that cause chronic disorders.

The refined sunny is not a food. Saini is a type of chemicals derived from plants.

Sugar can cause side effects

Increases chain size in blood
l loss of body control (diabetes mellitus)
l decreased resistance
l soon look old age
l can cause obesity
l is associated with diseases such as joint pain, asthma
The headache can lead to a single headache
l can cause stress
l like alcohol
l can cause pallor disease
Reduces the efficiency of lactation excretions
l can cause visual impairment
l accelerates the formation of cancer cells
l disease for children

In a statement issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, he said, “There are several types of illnesses in case of China’s size of 20-25% of the total diet.

So there is a lot of sugar substitute. You can use sweet foods such as nuts, jaggery, sambar kalanda to taste your drinks. These are full of nutrients.

Friends eat good foods …


Wing Commander Abhinandan’s “bravery DNA” came from his mother

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s “bravery DNA” came from his mother

_By NE NOW NEWS 5 mins ago_

While entire India is euphoric with IAF fighter pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan’s valour, probably very few people outside the flying formation know that a large portion of his “bravery genes” came from his mother.

His mother, Dr. Shobha Varthaman, served humanity amidst cataclysmic violence, healed the wounded in some of the worst conflict zones around the world, including Liberia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea, Haiti and Laos.

While playing the pro-active role of giving the “fighting spirit” to her brave warrior son, Abhinandan, Dr. Shobha ensured that mothers survive post-delivery complications in the high-intensity conflict zones, gifted smiles to hundreds of children worldwide, and redefined the paragon of social service.

A graduate from Madras Medical College, and a post-graduate in Anaesthesiology from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Dr. Shobha was a volunteer to serve gratis on the world stage as a member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), literally translated ‘Doctors Without Borders’.

MSF work exposed her to some of the most troubled places in recent times.

Her baptism in conflict zones started with a mission inside a rebel country, in northern territory of Ivory Coast in 2005, where she recalls, only AK-47s and machetes ruled.

Her next mission the same year took her to Liberia.

Elections were impending and a large number of healthcare personnel were stationed there in case of a conflict.

The UN kept peace there after the civil war, but the situation remained very unstable.

Then, Dr. Shobha went to Port Harcourt in Nigeria in the southern belt where the marshes are, where they mine the petroleum and the conflicts were in plenty.

Amidst perennial conflicts between the villages and the oil companies, oil thefts, intra and inter-tribal fights, she accomplished setting up of a theatre comprising an emergency section for casualties, a blood bank, and an intensive care.

During the Second Gulf War, in Sulemaniyah, Iraq, Dr. Shobha encountered life-threatening experience of a suicide-bomb blast.

In Iran, she taught Pranayama to her patients for promoting healing, the uniqueness of which found a good following.

Her forays as an MSF Medical Director on the Iran-Iraq border also gave her an insight into the Persian civilisation and the Iranian attitude to life.

She wonders how the Iranians who were at war with Iraq for 11 years, were willing to accept, that the common Iraqis were only suffering the consequences of a bad decision by a leader.

She was also witness to raw courage of Iranian youths who lost their lives to Iraqi-laid landmines.

From the war-ravaged Gulf to Papua New Guinea in 2009, next, was a completely new milieu.

As the Chief Medical Coordinator, three vastly different projects – surgical, sexual violence and an HIV project – had to be overseen by her.

Women often got raped and did not get medical aid, suffering HIV infections or STD unnecessarily and projects to alleviate their sufferings was one of her onerous tasks.

The stay in Papua New Guinea gave her an opportunity to live in tribal areas where people still wore grass skirts, had feathers in their hats and carried a scabbard, chopping people without a second thought, for pigs, land and women.

Her next exploration mission was in Laos.

She travelled about 1,800 kms in a four-wheel drive in the northern parts where there were no roads and discovered that despite World Bank and Asian Development Bank presence, many areas did not have access to healthcare.

But the biggest of them, amongst all her mercy missions, was in Haiti.

When nearly 300,000 died and an equal number got injured in 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dr. Shobha was there offering healthcare services and hopes amidst rubbles and despair.

Wg Cdr Abhinandan’s mother also perfectly played the role of a wife.

She once turned down an offer to train anaesthetists in Trinidad and Tobago with the UN because she felt her obligation as a wife of a senior IAF officer on a diplomatic mission in Paris was important.

_(Group Captain Tarun Kumar Singha is a retired IAF fighter pilot from Assam)._

Railways has today made the reservation charts for all trains public on the IRCTC website.

Railways has today made the reservation charts for all trains public on the IRCTC website.

Indian Railways passengers, take note! You don’t need to run behind the TTE for vacant berths on Indian Railways trains.

The national transporter has now made the IRCTC train reservation charts public!

In a big step aimed at ensuring greater transparency and eliminating on ground corruption, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has today made the reservation charts for all trains public on the IRCTC website irctc.co.in.

Indian Railways says that the new step will help prospective passengers get information of any vacant berths that are available in the train after chart preparation.

The information will be made available after preparation of the first chart around 4 hours before the departure of the train and the second chart will be available around 30 minutes before the train leaves the originating station.

The second chart will accommodate changes based on current reservations and any cancellations made after the first chart.

The new feature will be available on both the web and mobile version of the IRCTC e-ticket booking platform.

Based on the information of seat availability, passengers will be able to approach the TTE on board for ticket booking as well, says Indian Railways.

The new interface gives graphical representation of the train coaches along with berth-wise accommodation status on the irctc.co.in website.

The layout of 9 classes of coaches will be displayed.

The most important takeaway for passengers is that TTEs will not be able to deny berths on ad-hoc basis.

Additionally, passengers will have the facility to view the exact position of the berth allocated to a PNR in the graphical coach layout during PNR enquiry.

Here is how you can check reservation charts on IRCTC website:

1. On the IRCTC website, a new option of view “Charts/Vacancy” is being made available.

2. The train journey details such as train number, journey date and boarding station will be required as an input from the user and after that the class-wise and coach-wise number of vacant berths can be seen.

3. The user can also click on a specific coach to see the layout along with berth-wise accommodation status such as; occupied for full journey, occupied for part journey and vacant for full journey.

4. The position of berth allocated to a PNR in the coach layout can be seen in PNR Enquiry & book ticket history.


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