Kindly read this awesome story its little lengthy but truly touching. 👍

Kindly read this awesome story its little lengthy but truly touching. 👍

It was a crowded flight and a beautiful lady aged around 40 years boarded the flight as the passenger. She searched for her seat and found her seat was next to a black man.

She showed that she wasn’t in a hurry to take her seat as she found it too hard and awkward to sit next to a black man.

Feeling disgusted, the beautiful lady called the air hostess and asked her to change her seat.

The air hostess requested for a reason why she would like to change the seat.
She replied, “It is impossible for me to sit next to a black man, I hate it!

The air hostess was shocked to hear these hard words from the one who looked so dignified and composed.
She again demanded her to get her a new seat. The airhostess said she would do so and requested her to wait for a few minutes.

The air hostess went in search of an empty seat for the lady. The air hostess told the lady, ‘I’m afraid Madam, there is no vacant seat in the economy class and the flight is almost full! However, we do follow the policy to fulfil the desires of our passengers to the maximum extent possible. So, give me a minute, I will check with my captain and get back to you, as we feel it is not fair to force a passenger to have an unpleasant seat!’

The lady waited for a couple of minutes and the air hostess came.

The latter replied, ‘Madam, sorry for this inconvenience. We don’t want to make your journey unpleasant by making you sit next to someone with whom you aren’t comfortable. There is one seat available in the First Class. Although we don’t allow any passenger to move from economy class to first class, to make you a happy customer, we are doing this for the first time in our company’s history. Our captain agreed to shift from economy class to first class.!’

Just before the lady said any word as a reply, the air hostess humbly requested the black man and told him, ‘Dear sir, would you please shift your seat to first class? Please retrieve all your personal items from your seat and our captain would like to move you to first class as we don’t really want to have an uncomfortable journey sitting next an unpleasant person, with an ugly mind!‘

The lady was quiet and frozen! A few of the fellow passengers were happy and gave huge applause for the flight crew!

In a Biology practical exam. The examiner showed the legs of a bird and said ” tell me the name of the bird” Sardar ” I dont know”

In a Biology practical exam. The examiner showed the legs of a bird and said ” tell me the name of the bird”
Sardar ” I dont know”

Prof ” U have failed. Wats ur name?”

Sardar ” you see my legs and tell my name. 😝😝😝

Terrific one. 😂😀Hospital Special 😀😂

Terrific one.

😂😀Hospital Special 😀😂

A woman called up Apollo hospital and asked~
“I want to know if the patient Rita Mehta in Room No 1438 is getting better??”
The RMO replied,
“She is doing very well. She had her first solid meal today, her blood pressure is fine and if she continues improving she might even be sent home in a couple of days!”
The woman said,
“Thank God!
That’s wonderful news!”

” I take it you must be a family member or a close friend!”
I am Rita Mehta. No one tells me anything here !”


12 Surprising Facts About Lucknow That You Probably Didn’t Know !

12 Surprising Facts About Lucknow That You Probably Didn’t Know !

Lucknow is a ‘Heritage City’ dating thousands of years back. A cultural potboiler of food, music, art, and handicraft, the city has lot to offer. Lucknow may be known for its nawabi culture and delectable cuisines, but has lot more in its kitty. Here we tell you 12 surprising facts about Lucknow that you probably didn’t know.

1. Lucknow Railway Station is the place where Mahatma Gandhi met Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru for the very first time in December 1916.

2. Lucknow’s Bada Imambada is the largest hall in Asia, and is stands without any external support from wood, iron or stone beams.

3. Lucknow Railway Station consists of two stations – Lucknow Charbagh Station and Lucknow Junction. While Lucknow Charbagh Station comes under ‘Northern Railways’ the Lucknow Junction comes under ‘North Eastern Railways’.

4. Gomti Chakra, a rare natural shell is found in Gomti River. Used to make jewelry in ancient times, it is believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and success.

5. Lucknow is ranked ‘India’s second happiest city’ in a survey conducted by IMRB International and LG Corporation, after only Chandigarh. Also, it is the first city of India, having more than 9000 security cameras.

6. Bada Mangal, a festivity of Lord Hanuman is celebrated only in Lucknow. It was started for the only purpose of giving food to the poor.

7. Rumi Darwaza is also known as Turkish Gate. It got this name because it was built by architectures of Rome.

8. Janeshwar Mishra Park is claimed to be Asia’ s Largest park.

9. There are no electrical wires in Hazratganj, all electrical wires are underground.

10. Over time the city’s name changed from Lakshampuri to Laksmnaut to Laksnaut to Laksnau to Laknau and finally Lucknow.

11. Lucknow Race Course is the longest race course in India with a 3.5 km track length

12. City Montessori School, Lucknow is the largest school in terms of pupil in the world. Provides Strategic Mentoring and Consulting for Start Up and Growth stage Companies  on Payment/Equity basis. Provides Strategic Mentoring and Consulting for Start Up and Growth stage Companies  on Payment/Equity basis. Our Start up Advisory Services includes:

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Corporate News on 6th August, 2017

=== *Corporate News on 6th August, 2017* ===

*Friendship is sweet responsibility than opportunity.*

☺ *Wish you Happy Friendship Day* 👍🏻


=> Venkaiah Naidu elected India’s vice president, defeats Gopalkrishna Gandhi

=> Economist Rajiv Kumar to replace Arvind Panagariya as Niti Aayog vice chairman

=> Vijender Singh beats Maimaitiali to win WBO Oriental Super Middleweight title

=> Doklam standoff: China mulling ‘small scale military operation’ against India, says report

=> GST Council to crack whip on profiteering firms, cuts rate on tractor parts, others

=> Panama Papers: How can one file returns on salary he never got, Sharif asks

*Business Standard*

=> Bihar Vikas Mission fails to live up to its promise

=> Rajiv Kumar named vice-chairman of NITI Aayog

=> GST Council approves e-way Bill, setting up of anti-profiteering body

=> Venkaiah Naidu to be next vice-president

=> Odisha may get windfall revenue of over Rs 25,000 cr from defaulter miners

=> Vijender beats Zulpikar in WBO Asia Pacific, calls for Indo-China peace


*Economic Times*

=> 20th GST council meet updates: E-way bill gets nod

=> Dell CIO warns IT employees: No organisation can reskill you, do it yourself or be ready to leave

=> China mulling ‘small scale military operations’ against India: Expert

=> Mukesh plans to make RIL world’s most-innovative co

=> Govt appoints Rajiv Kumar as new VC of Niti Aayog

=> NE cuisine is a buffet of unique recipes & flavours

*Financial Express*

=> US President Donald Trump eyes top policy aide for communications director role

=> 43 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria’s Raqqa

=> Turkey warns new military moves in Syria imminent

=> Russia slams US decision to exit from Paris agreement, calls it ‘terrible mistake’

=> United Nations adopts tougher sanctions on North Korea

=> $1 million payout over exploding whipped cream dispenser in France

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