Following are some instances when silence could speak louder than voice.

Can you hear a pin drop?

What is the meaning of pin drop silence?

Following are some instances when silence could speak louder than voice.

Take 1:

Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw once started addressing a public meeting at Ahmedabad in English.

The crowd started chanting, “Speak in Gujarati.

We will hear you only if you speak in Gujarati.”
Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw stopped.
Swept the audience with a hard stare and replied,

“Friends, I have fought many a battle in my long career.
I have learned Punjabi from men of the Sikh Regiment;
Marathi from the Maratha Regiment;
Tamil from the men of the Madras Sappers;
Bengali from the men of the Bengal Sappers,
Hindi from the Bihar Regiment; and
Even Nepali from the Gurkha Regiment.

Unfortunately there was no soldier from Gujarat from whom I could have learned Gujarati.”…

You could have heard a pin drop

Take 2:

Robert Whiting,
an elderly US gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane.

At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.

“You have been to France before, Monsieur ?”, the Customs officer asked sarcastically.

Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.

“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”

The American said,
“The last time I was here,
I didn’t have to show it.”

Americans always have to show their passports on arrival in France !”, the Customs officer sneered.

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long, hard look.

Then he quietly explained

“Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach,
at 4:40am, on D-Day in 1944, to help liberate your country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show a passport to…. ”

You could have heard a pin drop

Take 3:

Soon after getting freedom from British rule in 1947, the de-facto prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru called a meeting of senior Army Officers to select the first General of the Indian army.

Nehru proposed, “I think we should appoint a British officer as a General of The Indian Army, as we don’t have enough experience to lead the same.”
Having learned under the British, only to serve and rarely to lead, all the civilians and men in uniform present nodded their heads in agreement.

However one senior officer, Nathu Singh Rathore, asked for permission to speak.

Nehru was a bit taken aback by the independent streak of the officer, though, he asked him to speak freely.

Rathore said, “You see, sir, we don’t have enough experience to lead a nation too, so shouldn’t we appoint a British person as the first Prime Minister of India?”

You could hear a pin drop.

After a pregnant pause, Nehru asked Rathore,
“Are you ready to be the first General of The Indian Army?”..

Rathore declined the offer saying “Sir, we have a very talented army officer, my senior, Gen. Cariappa, who is the most deserving among us.”

This is how the brilliant Gen. Cariappa became the first General and Rathore the first ever Lt. General of the Indian Army.

(Many thanks to Lt. Gen Niranjan Malik PVSM (Retd) for this article.)

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Useful information

Useful information 👇
1. *PAN* – permanent account number.
2. *PDF* – portable document format.
3. *SIM* – Subscriber Identity Module.
4. *ATM* – Automated Teller machine.
7. *Wi-Fi* – Wireless fidelity.
8. *GOOGLE* – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.
9. *YAHOO* – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.
10. *WINDOW* – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.
11. *COMPUTER* – Common Oriented Machine. Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.
12. *VIRUS* – Vital Information Resources Under Siege.
13. *UMTS* – Universal Mobile Telecommunicati ons System.
14. *AMOLED* – Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.
15. *OLED* – Organic light-emitting diode.
16. *IMEI* – International Mobile Equipment Identity.
17. *ESN* – Electronic Serial Number.
18. *UPS* – Uninterruptible power supply.
19. *HDMI* – High-Definition Multimedia Interface.
20. *VPN* – Virtual private network.
21. *APN* – Access Point Name.
22. *LED* – Light emitting diode.
23. *DLNA* – Digital Living Network Alliance.
24. *RAM* – Random access memory.
25. *ROM* – Read only memory.
26. *VGA* – Video Graphics Array.
27. *QVGA* – Quarter Video Graphics Array.
28. *WVGA* – Wide video graphics array.
29. *WXGA* – Widescreen Extended Graphics Array.
30. *USB* – Universal serial Bus.
31. *WLAN* – Wireless Local Area Network.
32. *PPI* – Pixels Per Inch.
33. *LCD* – Liquid Crystal Display.
34. *HSDPA* – High speed down-link packet access.
35. *HSUPA* – High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.
36. *HSPA* – High Speed Packet Access.
37. *GPRS* – General Packet Radio Service.
38. *EDGE* – Enhanced Data Rates for Globa Evolution.
39. *NFC* – Near field communication.
40. *OTG* – On-the-go.
41. *S-LCD* – Super Liquid Crystal Display.
42. *O.S* – Operating system.
43. *SNS* – Social network service.
44. *H.S* – HOTSPOT.
45. *P.O.I* – Point of interest.
46. *GPS* – Global Positioning System.
47. *DVD* – Digital Video Disk.
48. *DTP* – Desk top publishing.
49. *DNSE* – Digital natural sound engine.
50. *OVI* – Ohio Video Intranet.
51. *CDMA* – Code Division Multiple Access.
52. *WCDMA* – Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access.
53. *GSM* – Global System for Mobile Communications.
54. *DIVX* – Digital internet video access.
55. *APK* – Authenticated public key.
56. *J2ME* – Java 2 micro edition.
57. *SIS* – Installation source.
58. *DELL* – Digital electronic link library.
59. *ACER* – Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection.
60. *RSS* – Really simple syndication.
61. *TFT* – Thin film transistor.
62. *AMR*- Adaptive Multi-Rate.
63. *MPEG* – moving pictures experts group.
64. *IVRS* – Interactive Voice Response System.
65. *HP* – Hewlett Packard.
*Do we know actual full form of some words???*
66. *News paper =*
_North East West South past and present events report._
67. *Chess =*
_Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers._
68. *Cold =*
_Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease._
69. *Joke =*
_Joy of Kids Entertainment._
70. *Aim =*
_Ambition in Mind._
71. *Date =*
_Day and Time Evolution._
72. *Eat =*
_Energy and Taste._
73. *Tea =*
_Taste and Energy Admitted._
74. *Pen =*
_Power Enriched in Nib._
75. *Smile =*
_Sweet Memories in Lips Expression._
76. *etc. =*
_End of Thinking Capacity_
77. *OK =*
_Objection Killed_
78. *Or =*
_Orl Korec (Greek Word)_
79. *Bye =*
_Be with you Everytime._


From some Indian in UK.

From some Indian in UK.

My salary in UK is 61000 pounds per annum without tax. I pay 40% tax on my salary. Then 700 pounds per month as house rent, 140 pounds per month as council tax, about 100 pounds for gas and electricity per month. 500 pounds as water bill per annum. About 1000 pounds per annum car insurance and 250 pounds road tax per annum ( you cant drive car in UK without insurance and road tax).


Some bills like gas and electricity depend on usage but have to be paid.
Add to these all daily living expenses like food, petrol, mobile, wifi etc etc. And all these are much more expensive than in India.
Thats why UK is developed, roads are good and clean, govt schools are best, with 24 hours electricity and water. I am telling just basic things. Forget about advanced and complex things(Like tax on property, capital gain tax on selling a property etc etc).
Remember, UK is net importer of food, clothes, things of daily living, petrol and petroleum products.
Size of UK is about the size of state of Uttar Pradesh and 1/3 of its population.

Coming to India: Huge country with rich resources. We don’t import food and clothes.

*Just 3.75 crore people out of 126 crore pay tax. That is just 2.9 percent. And most of these are govt employees who cant hide their income.*

All 126 crore want cheap electricity, free water, good govt schools, best roads and highways and superfast trains.

Just sit and think for a minute. How many times have a local grocery shop/ milk booth/ sweets shop/ garments shop/ mobile and computer repair shop/ have given you any bill??

Look at all those businessmen around you who are earning more than an average salaried person.
And now think of businessmen sitting in areas like karol bagh, chawari bazar, sadar bazar and all other trading hubs of delhi or zaveri bazar, hindmata market etc etc of Mumbai or any other market of any other Indian city. You will never get a bill in these markets. Atleast not an invoice. How many get a bill/invoice on buying or selling property?
But all of them want good roads, 24 hours electricity and water supply. They want good school and will abuse govt for poor govt school. They will blame the govt for traffic jams, filthy roads. And when they go out they will abuse govt for poor railways and airports.
Now when our govt. has introduced a system(GST) to prevent tax evasion all these are the ones who are raising hue and cry. These are the one who are sharing and liking everything on FB which is againt present govt.

*I am not pro present govt. But, I am against this hypocrisy.*

This is democracy. So all these tax evaders and opposition leaders and pseudo-intellectuals have their own right to oppose govt.
But then don’t abuse the system or govt when you don’t get electricity or when your garbage is not picked or when you are struck in traffic jam or when Indian Military doesn’t get its much needed sophisticated arms.

DON’T Say Europe mein highways BEST hain.

First pay here and then demand.

*forward if you feel this message is right!*

In the movie Taare Zameen Par The art teacher tells the rude and cursing father of the dyslexic kid about Solomon Islands..

In the movie Taare Zameen Par The art teacher tells the rude and cursing father of the dyslexic kid about Solomon Islands..

In those islands, the tribal don’t cut down a tree. *They surround the tree and curse it for hours every day..*

Within a few weeks, the tree
dries up and becomes dead..

Many of us might find that example too difficult to believe. How can intangible and invisible thoughts and words kill a tree.!

Well, if you get to read Bruce H. Lipton’s THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, you won’t only believe in the Solomon Islands story, but would also think a dozen times before saying something demoralizing to yourself and the people you love..

In this book, Mr. Lipton tells in detail about the power of conscious and subconscious mind..

The subconscious mind is million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has..

Many times we fail to change an unpleasant habit despite our will-power and consistent efforts..

It’s because the habit has been so strongly programmed in our subconscious mind that the efforts made by our conscious mind hardly make any difference.

*Conscious Mind is just a shadow* *of our Unconscious Mind..*

So, when the tribals of Solomon Islands curse a tree, they are actually installing negative and harmful beliefs in the tree’s emotion (yes, trees do have emotions too).

Within few days, those negative emotions becomes a belief & eventually changes the molecular architecture of the tree and kill it from inside..

2500 years ago, when the Buddha said that *‘You are what you think’,* he was not articulating a random philosophical theory.

Actually he was telling a scientific fact which is now proved correct by Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology.

The book has a special chapter on Conscious Parenting where it talks about the beneficial and harmful effects of what parents say to their children..

*If you are a parent and you keep cursing your child in the name of constructive criticism, you are installing beliefs in their mind which will keep harming them forever..*

*But if you keep appreciating them in a sincere way, you are installing beliefs in their mind which will help them entire life..*

And also be careful of what
you keep saying to yourself.

Repetition of words and thoughts is the best way to install a belief in your subconscious mind..

If you keep saying you are a loser,
don’t be surprised if you become one within a few months or years..

And if you have friends who keep saying such things to you, there is no harm in saying a quick goodbye to them..

May be you value the friendship a lot. But you must value yourself a little more..

So accept all as they are..
Love all unconditionally

And …Always keep saying to urself..
*I am healthy, wealthy, happy, successful & prosperous!*
And if somebody asks you. How are you ? Say, I am fantastic. The best time of my life is going on…
It’s a long message but please read at least the gist of it and most importantly share..😊👍

Values of Punyam & Paapam

Values of Punyam & Paapam

Once a foreigner interested in the philosophy of Hinduism was waiting for Darshan of Mahaperiva ( Most revered Mahaswami) at Kanchi Mutt to clarify his doubt. Shortly, he got his appointment and without wasting time, he put forth his question.

Swamiji, I understand all your concepts, value them but for one particular faith (i.e.) same soul taking various births, papa, punya being carried forward to the next births etc. Can you please make me comfortable on this aspect? Because, in all our religions, we get the reward for what we do in this birth only. (i.e.) if we are honest, God is pleased and blesses us with benefits and we are dishonest, we get punished by Him.

At this point, Periva asked him, whether he owns a car and if he could do a favour of collecting some statistical information within Kancheepuram using his vehicle. The guest readily agreed, at the same time wondering why his question was not answered spontaneously.

Please, Swamiji, go ahead, What is the service you expect me to do now?

Periva said, Please go around 10 maternity centres within Kancheepuram and collect the data of children born within the last 2 days – Child’s gender, health condition, parents name, status, educational qualification, time of birth.

The man said – Fine, this is nothing, – immediately rushed in his car like Lord Muruga goes in Thiruvilayadal and within a day he was back in the matam with exact statistics in front of Mahaperiva. He went through the statistics, about 15 children were born in 10 hospitals, 8 female and 7 male infants, out of which 3 children had malnutrition defects, 2 children were the first child of highly rich parents born in luxury hospitals, while 4 were children of coolie labourers who already had few children.

Maha Periva now looked at the gentleman and started asking few questions:

Do you think any of these children have been honest / dishonest within 2 days of their birth? Probably they could not even recognize their own mother. So, they have neither earned papa or punya in this birth.

According to your concepts, all these children should be living exactly identical to each other, but not so practically, some are ill, some are healthy, some are born to rich parents, some are born to poor parents. Remember all children born in the same day, same longitude, latitude, you can’t blame their horoscope which is going to be almost identical.

The gentleman was dumbfounded!

It is here the concept of previous birth erupts! All these children have taken their present birth according to their deeds (karma) and the resultant papa, punya which they have assimilated in their previous births.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

A Lesser Known Story From The Ramayana

*A Lesser Known Story From The Ramayana*

After a long journey, Sri Ramchandra and the army of monkeys, reached the southern coast of our vast land and beheld the expanse of water separating them from Sri Lanka. The search for Sita was over; Rama now knew where she was; it only remained to redeem her from Ravana, by peaceful persuasion if possible or by war, if necessary. In line with our tradition of seeking Divine help, before commencing any work, Sri Ram desired to consecrate and offer worship to Shiva.
Arrangements were soon completed, except finding a suitable priest to guide the function. Sri Ram thought for a while and then decided on the best person available nearby – Ravana the king of Sri Lanka. Without hesitation he bade Hanuman to fly to Ravana’s palace and request him to conduct the pooja.
There was considerable shock and dismay among the assembly; to invite an enemy to conduct a pooja, specially meant to conquer and destroy him! Will Ravana accept such a preposterous invitation?
But Hanuman as a loyal soldier implicitly obeyed the royal command and flew to Sri Lanka to convey the message to Ravana. Men and women around him were also deeply shocked, surprised and mystified at this strange invitation from the prince of Ayodhya.
Ravana, true to his stature as a great pundit in Vedic literature, true to the tradition that as a Brahman, he should never decline an invitation to organize Divine worship, and true to his intense devotion to Lord Shiva accepted the invitation.

He came with Hanuman to Sri Ram’s place, much to the consternation of everyone. Soon the king of Sri Lanka made an inspection of all arrangements, and turning to Sri Rama, said,

“O prince of Ayodhya, though you have made very satisfactory arrangements, you are not qualified to install the idol of Lord Shiva in the absence of your wife. Our edicts declare that no person, however high, can perform such ceremonies without his consort nearby”.

The mood of the entire assembly now changed from confusion to curiosity – how would Sri Rama react?

The noble prince smiled and calmly replied,

“We have invited you for the flawless performance of the ceremony. You have pointed out a flaw in tune with your duty as a pundit; I thank you for it. I now invite you to provide a solution, which also forms part of your duty”.

This exposition of Dharmic postures and privileges between the greatest of kings and the noblest of men , was becoming even a treat for the Gods!

The king of Sri Lanka was not only a great ruler but also a great scholar. The scholar in him rose to the occasion now and Ravana said,

“O Rama, I can and shall provide a solution, since I do not wish to bear the blame for non-performance of Divine worship, but on one condition. I shall arrange to bring Sita here for the pooja but you should permit her to return to my place after the function”.

All around, were astounded and speechless at the clash of wit and fantasy of words between the two great men and waited with bated breath for Sri Rama’s rejoinder. The noblest of men, simply and cheerfully accepted the offer, and the ceremony was completed in all solemnity. As per Indian customs and traditions, after viewing the couple, Ravana said “Let victory be yours!” though he knew well, those words meant his own destruction. Here was human values surpassing all constraints of Self.

Only one more formality remained, that of honoring the priest. Sri Rama invited Ravana himself to suggest the fees for the function. It was at this moment that the greatest and the most crucial episode of Ramayana unfolded before an unbelieving audience.

Ravana, the king would not take any fees, not even from Sri Rama, as he was always at the giving, and not the receiving end of fees or favors. But again the vedic pundit in him came to the fore.

He said,

” *Sri Rama, knowing you very well, the only fees I solicit is that you stand by me when my life departs* “.

*And thus it came to pass, that when Ravana lay in his last moments Sri Rama was near him*.

*It only reveals that ultimate comfort for everyone however high or low is to have Divinity nearby at the moment of death*.

*Source: Veda Vyasa Ramayana*

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What are some financial tips that everyone should know?

What are some financial tips that everyone should know?

1. Avoid buying property on loans as it eats most of your earnings unless you have a clear plan for its repayment. It’s important to monitor cash flow. Though, the house will be your asset, your liability will be much more.

2. Start a SIP at a very young age. Try to save atleast 15–25 % of your earnings.

3. Avoid buying a car unless you use it everyday
4. Do not let this sentence scare you. “Mutual fund investment are subject to market risk. Please read the offer documents carefully before investing”. Most people avoid investing in mutual funds just because of this one warning. Yes, there is a market risk, but look at the history and growth of mutual funds.

5. Try having a simple wedding.

6. Atleast 20% of your wealth should be liquid so you can utilize it when necessary.

7. Considering inflation, you are actually losing money if it is in savings bank account. Do not keep huge money in savings bank account.

8. If you invest in stocks, pay due attention on the brokerage part.

9. If you invest in stocks have a separate account for delivery investment and Intraday investment. It is easy to monitor this way and also makes tax calculation easy

10. Do not have a belief that property and car make you rich. Its what you save and invest, that is important.

11. Never invest in insurance for returns. Insurance is not an investment option. It is a risk management tool.

12. Your personal life and health are the most important investment. Stay healthy and live happily.