An Inspiring Story about greatfulness

I feel like reading this again and again & again ….

👍 An Inspiring Story

A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing :

Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time.

The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job. I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.

The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.

**And in the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.

At the end he wrote: Oh God! It was such bad year !!

When the writer’s wife entered the room, she found her husband looking sad & lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband’s writing.

When the writer saw this paper, he found his name written on it with following lines :

**Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain….

**I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace…..

**The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator…..

**The same year, God blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability……

At the end she wrote:

This year was an immense blessing of God and it passed well !!!

The writer was indeed happy and amazed at such beautiful and encouraging interpretation of the happenings in his life in that year !!!

Moral : In daily lives we must see that its not happiness that makes us grateful but grate-fulness that makes us happy.

To all my lovely friends & family members ….

Think positive…..
Be happy…
Stay Blessed.

Why ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds is best choice for tax planning

Why ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds is best choice for tax planning

Investors can save up to Rs 46,350 in taxes per year by investing up to Rs 1.5 Lakhs in eligible schemes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. There are broadly two types of tax savings schemes – risk free or low risk schemes and market linked schemes. The risk free or low risk schemes are Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificates (NSC), 5 year tax saving Fixed Deposits (offered by banks and post office), traditional life insurance plans (e.g. endowment plans, money back plans etc), Senior Citizens Savings Schemes etc. In these schemes capital safety is assured. In some schemes like NSC, FDs returns (interest) are guaranteed, while in others the interest rates can change from time to time over the investment tenure.

The market linked schemes under Section 80C are ELSS Tax Savings Mutual Fund Schemes or Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) and Unit Linked Insurance Plans offered by life insurance companies. ELSS and ULIPs invest in capital market securities and therefore, they are subject to market risks. If you want assurance of capital safety then market linked schemes are not for you and you should invest in Government small savings schemes (PPF, NSC etc) or Bank tax saving FDs.

However, if you are willing to take risks and are prepared to remain invested even beyond the lock-in period of these schemes then ELSS is the best tax saving investment choice. ELSS enjoys three big advantages compared to other tax saving investments.

Potential of giving superior returns

Favourable tax treatment

Superior liquidity
In this blog post we will discuss these advantages of ELSS vis a vis other 80C schemes.

Superior Returns
Historical data shows that, equity is best performing asset class in the long term. In the last 20 years, the S&P BSE – Sensex gave 11.7% compounded annual returns, while bank FDs gave average annualized returns of only 7% over the entire period. Many investors focus simply on tax savings and ignore the growth potential or the tax implications on the maturity amount. The result is that, they get sub-optimal returns which struggle to beat inflation on a post tax basis. ELSS tax saving mutual fund Schemes, on the other hand, offer both 80C tax savings and wealth creation potential over a sufficiently long investment horizon. The table below shows the post tax inflation adjusted rate of different 80C investment schemes over the last 5 years.

Key Assumptions: The investor is the in highest (30%) tax bracket. Average category returns over the last 5 years have been assumed for ELSS. Please note top performing ELSS schemes gave higher returns. Life insurance endowment plans returns assumption is based on prevailing IRRs of life insurance endowment plans.
You can see in the table above that, ELSS has outperformed all other 80C schemes. Notice the last column post tax returns. You can see how some returns can seem attractive on a pre-tax basis, but low on a post tax basis. We will discuss the taxation aspect in more details later in this post. Let us now discuss another important aspect that is often ignored by investors, when looking at returns and when making investment decisions.

You will see many people complaining about rising prices, but how many people factor in inflation when making investment decisions? In the chart above, we saw post tax returns of several Section 80C investment schemes over the last 5 years. Let us now bring inflation into the picture. The chart below shows the CPI inflation rate from 2013 to 2017.



I May be a School Teacher/
I May be a College Lecturer /
I May be a University Professor.

Behind That Doctor,
It is Me, a Teacher………..

Behind That Engineer,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Statistician,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Nuclear Physicist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Mathematician,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Scientist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Zoologist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Entomologist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Botanist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Economist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Entrepreneur,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Lawyer,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Political Scientist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Psychologist,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Musician,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Architect,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Astrologer,
It is Me, a Teacher……….

Behind That Astronomer,
It is Me, a Teacher…………..

I Carry the Light Even Though They Mostly Make Fun Of Me By Their Uncharitable Jokes … But I am a Teacher……..

I Don’t Qualify for a Bungalow or a Villa nor Earn Enough to Buy an Expensive House or a Car…………. Like Corrupt Officers and Corrupt Politicians. But Yes, I am a Teacher………..

Some Think or Even Say That I Have too Many Holidays. They Never Know That I Spend Those Holidays Either Correcting Papers or Planning What and How I am Going to Teach When I Go Back to School/College/University /Institution……..
Because I am a Teacher…..

Sometimes I Get Confused and Even Get Stressed by the
Ever-changing Policies Over What And How I Have to Teach…….

Despite All That, I am a Teacher and I Love to Teach and I am Teaching ….

On Pay-days I Don’t Laugh as Corrupt Officers and Others Do, But by the Next Day I Love to Come With a Smile to Those That I Teach….. Because I am a Teacher….

The Main Source of My Satisfaction is When I See Them Growing. I See Them Succeeding. I See Them Having All Those Assets. I See Them Bravely Facing the World and its Challenges. And I Say Yes I Have Taught in Spite of Living in a World Opened by Google.. Because I am a Teacher…. Yes I am a Teacher……..

It Doesn’t Matter How They Look at Me, It doesn’t Matter How Much More They Earn Than I Do.

It Doesn’t Matter That They Drive While I Walk Because All What They Have is Through Me, A Teacher…

Whether They Acknowledge Me or Not…… I am a Teacher….

This Message is Dedicated to All the Amazing Teachers , Lecturers And Professors .

You May Pass This Message to All the Teachers / Lecturers / Professors If You Like And Make Them Proud of Their Careers .

The base colour of the new Rs.  10 notes is ChocolateBrown. Also read other features

The base colour of the new Rs.  10 notes is ChocolateBrown. Also read other features

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will shortly issue new banknotes of Rs. 10 denomination, the central bank said on Friday. The new Rs. 10 notes will be in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, The new denomination notes will have motif of the Sun Temple and the Konark on the reverse side, depicting the country’s cultural heritage.

Here are 10 things to know about RBI’s new Rs.10 currency notes:

1. The dimension of the new Rs. 10 banknotes will be 63 mm x 123 mm.

2. The new Rs. 10 notes will have a see through register on the front sides with denominational numeral 10.

3. The denominational numeral 10 will be printed on the front of the note in the Devnagari script.

4. The front sides will bear a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre. Micro letters ‘RBI’, ‘Bharat’ (in Devnagari), ‘India’ and ’10’ will also be printed on the front side of Rs. 10 notes.

5. The front sides will bear a windowed demetalised security thread with inscriptions ‘Bharat’ and ‘RBI’. Guarantee Clause, Governor’s signature with Promise Clause and the RBI emblem will be printed towards the right of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, said the RBI.

6. The Ashoka Pillar emblem will be on the right side of the front side. The front side will also have electrotype (10) watermarks, besides Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.

7. The front sides will have a number panel with numerals growing from small to big on the top left side and bottom right side of the Rs. 10 note.

8. The year of printing of the notes will be inscribed on the back sides of the Rs. 10 notes, towards the left.

9. The back sides will also have a Swachh Bharat logo with slogan.

10. The reverse sides of the new Rs. 10 notes will have a language panel, motif of the Sun Temple and the Konark, and the denominational numeral 10 written in Devnagari script.

I found this analogy interesting…made me really think today.

I found this analogy interesting…made me really think today….

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee?

“Well because someone bumped into me, of course!”

*Wrong answer.*

You spilled the coffee because there was _coffee_ in your cup.

Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled _tea_.

*Whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out.*

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. _It’s easy to fake it, until you get rattled._

*So we have to ask ourselves… _”what’s in my cup?”_*

When life gets tough, what spills over?

Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?

Or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions?

You choose!

Today let’s work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation for ourselves; and kindness, gentleness and love for others.

*Wishing you MORE POSITIVITY IN YOUR CUP….Happy 2018*


Happy Morning

People may not reward or thank You for the good things You’ve done.

But when GOD is your reason for serving , you will receive greater blessings in return.


Have a Fair enough Friday!

*”The Secret of happiness!”*

There was a Jewish man named Yankel, who had a bakery, in a town, Crown Heights, Germany. He always said, “You know why I’m alive today?”

He said “I was a kid, just a teenager at the time in Germany, when the Nazis were killing Jews with no mercy.

We were on the train being taken to Auschwitz by Nazis. Night came and it was deathly cold in that compartment.

The Germans left us on the side of the tracks overnight, sometimes for days, without any food. There were no blankets to keep us warm. Snow was falling everywhere. Cold winds were hitting our cheeks, every second. We were hundreds of people in that terribly cold night. No food. No water. No shelter. No blankets “.

“The blood in our bodies started freezing. It was becoming ice.

Beside me, there was a beloved elderly Jewish man from my hometown. He was shivering from head to toe, and looked terrible. So I wrapped my arms around him to warm him up.

I hugged him tightly to give him some heat. I rubbed his arms, his legs, his face, his neck. I begged him to try to be alive.

I encouraged him.

All night long, I kept this man warm this way.

I was tired, and freezing cold myself. My fingers were numb, but I didn’t stop rubbing heat into that old man’s body.

Hours and hours went by. Finally, morning came and the sun began to shine. I looked around to see the other people…

To my horror, all I could see were frozen bodies. All I could hear was deathly silence!

Nobody else in that cabin were alive. That freezing night killed them all.

They died from the cold. Only two people survived: the old man and me.

The old man survived because I kept him warm… and I survived because I was warming him”.

May I tell you the secret to survival in this world where we all have trouble & needs?

*When you warm other people’s hearts, you will remain warm yourself!*

*When you support, encourage and inspire others, then you will discover support, encouragement and inspiration in your own life as well.*

My friend, That is the secret to a happy life., for just receiving wishes for a “happy new year” can’t really help much!

Ways to save a life – Emergency medical tips


Please pass this on, as it is not only teach other people, but could save yourself too!

Ways to save a life:

1. *Choking – Just lift up your arms.*
In New Jersey, US, a 5 years old boy, cleverly saved his grandmother’s life, with a very simple method, by raising the arms!
His 56 years old grandma Dilihua was at home watching TV while eating fruits.
When she turned her head, a piece of fruit got stuck in her throat. She tried to press on her chest to dislodge it, but it doesn’t help. When the boy asked: “Grandma, are you choking?”, she could not answer.
“I think you are choking Grandma, raise your hands, raise your hands.”
The Grandma did as he said, and really managed to spit out the fruit!
Her grandson was very calm, and said it was something he learned in school.

2. *Body aches upon waking.*
Do you wake up in the morning and find yourself experiencing body aches? Does your neck feel sore and painful? What should you do if you experience these symptoms?
Just lift your feet up!
Pull your big toes outwards, and slowly massage and rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction!

3. *Foot/Leg Cramps.*
When you have a cramp in your left foot, raise your right arm as high as possible.
When you have a cramp in your right foot, raise your left arm. This will soothe immediately.

4. *Feet Numbness*.
If your left foot becomes numb, swing your your right hand out forcefully.
If your right foot is numb, then swing your left hand.

【Three rescue methods】

1. *Half Body Paralysis*.(regardless due to brain hemorrhage or clogged blood vessels), half side face drooping. Immediately take a sewing needle and puncture the patient’s earlobes at the lowest point, then squeeze out a drop of blood on each side. The sufferer will be immediately cured, and will not have any lasting symptoms.

2. *Heart Stopped Due to Heart Attack*.
Immediately take off the patient socks, and with a sewing needle puncture each one of the person’s ten toes, squeezing a drop of blood out. The patient will then wake up.

3. *When the Patient has Difficulty in Breathing* – regardless whether due to asthma or acute laryngitis, etc., until they start to turn red, quickly puncture the tip of the nose with a needle and squeeze out two drops of black blood.

The above three methods are not dangerous at all, and can be performed within 10 seconds.