A very interesting read about Mahabharat and Kurukshetra War

A very interesting read!!

It is said in the texts that 80% of the fighting male population of the civilization was wiped out in the eighteen days Mahabharata war.

Sanjay, at the end of the war went to the spot where the greatest war took place; Kurukshetra.

He looked around and wondered if the war really happened, if the ground beneath him had soaked all that blood, if the great Pandavas and Krishna stood where he stood.

“You will never know the truth about that!” said an aging soft voice.

Sanjay turned around to find an Old man in saffron robes appearing out of a column of dust.

“I know you are here to find out about the Kurukshetra war, but *you cannot know about that war till you know what the real war is about*.” the Old man said enigmatically.

“What do you mean?”

*The Mahabharata is an Epic, a ballad, perhaps a reality, but definitely a philosophy*.

The Old man smiled luring Sanjay into more questions.

“Can you tell me what the philosophy is then?”
Sanjay requested.

Sure, began the Old man.

*The Pandavas are nothing but your five senses*,
and sound…,

and do you know what the *Kauravas* are?
he asked narrowing his eyes.

*The Kauravas are the hundred vices that attack your senses everyday but you can fight them*… and do you know how?

Sanjay shook his head again.

“When Krishna rides your chariot!”

The Old man smiled brighter and Sanjay gasped at that gem of insight.

*Krishna is your inner voice, your soul, your guiding light and if you let your life in his hands you have nothing to worry*.

Sanjay was stupefied but came around quickly with another question.

“Then *why are Dronacharya and Bhishma fighting for the Kauravas, if they are vices*?”

The Old man nodded, sadder for the question.

It just means that as you grow up, your perception of your elders change. *The elders who you thought were perfect in your growing up years are not all that perfect. They have faults. And one day you will have to decide if they are for your good or your bad. Then you may also realize that you may have to fight them for the good. It is the hardest part of growing up and that is why the Geeta is important*.

Sanjay slumped down on the ground, not because he was tired but because he could understand and was struck by the enormity of it all.

*What about Karna*? he whispered.

“Ah!” said the Old man. “You have saved the best for last. *Karna is the brother to your senses, he is desire, he is a part of you but stands with the vices. He feels wronged and makes excuses for being with the vices as your desire does all the time.*

*Does your desire not give you excuses to embrace vices*?”

Sanjay nodded silently. He looked at the ground, consumed with a million thoughts, trying to put everything together and then when he looked up the Old man was gone….
disappeared in the column of dust………leaving behind the great philosophy of Life!

Read the Opinion, Bill Gates had about Indian people :

Read the Opinion, Bill Gates had about Indian people :-

India is the richest country in the world… “Even if you sell the temple bells in India, it shall become a superpower”

But the funniest thing is people fail to understand that they are like Servants in their nation.

Owing to which a farmer commits suicide cursing God and his misfortunes

The poor in this country fails to recognize the true culprits behind his poverty.

The youth is unaware of the people responsible for his unemployment.

Do you gather _Punya_ by offering hairs to God, really..??

Does prosperity come to you by offering a coconut..??

In realty…
Hair and coconuts offered make big business.

What does one achieve by offering Gold/Silver..?? Infact these are just auctioned off.

Of what use is such Charity….

*Try to donate seeds to farmers.*

*Try to help in a poor girls marriage.*

*Try to adopt an orphaned child.*

*Try to feed a hungry person.*

*Try to help a handicapped person.*

*Try to donate to a village school library.*

*Try to donate to an old age home.*

Schools in villages have no shelter but temples have Marble flooring.

Parents make hundred queries for donating Rs 200/- to a school but donate in thousands to a temple without any question.

Will such a nation become a superpower in real sense.

We call ourselves an agriculturist nation and our farmers commit suicides almost in every state.

Please Read and forward..!!

Conversation between Aadhar, Apple and Samsung

Conversation between Aadhar, Apple and Samsung

Aadhar – I have Biometric information of people who possess me

Apple – I too have the same

Samsung – I too have. So what’s new?

Aadhar – But why do people criticise me? I only take it once from the people.

Apple – 😂😂😂😂 I take finger print and eye scan daily and people love giving it and pay Rs 50,000+ to buy me

Aadhar – OMG Why ? But they say someone can steal these biometric details from me. Don’t they say to you ?

Apple – 🖕 Uff, I actually save every information on the IPhone backup Server. But they love me because I am costly. Indians love costly death.

Aadhar – They say I am not secured, despite of the fact that I am encrypted

Apple – Look do you remember when FBI took data from us ? It’s not about encryption. I gave all data to the US Intelligence

Samsung – I too 😂😂😂 My brothers like Vivo, Xiomi do the same and the Chinese take it.

Aadhar – But why only I am cursed?

Apple and Samsung unitedly – It is because you are Indian and possessed by Indian people who need excuses to abuse their own Indian Government. You become that Excuse. We are brands! People give Rs 40K- 50 K and give all details like Location, GPS, Contacts, Biometric data, every damn thing and love posting on Facebook – Hey, That’s my New IPhone 😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

How true is this ..

Salient Features of Finance Bill, 2018, India

Salient Features of Finance Bill, 2018
1. No change in Tax Rate. All persons including individuals, HUF, Firms and Companies to pay same tax . However Education cess is being increased from 3 to 4 % to be known as *Education and Health cess*.
2. However for Domestic Companies having total turnover or gross receipts not exceeding Rs 250 crores in Financial year 2016-17 shall be liable to pay *tax at 25%* as against present ceiling of Rs 50 crore in Financial year 2015-16.
3. *Long term Capital gain exemption* under section 10(38) in respect of *listed STT paid shares* being withdrawn.
4. However *capital gain up to 31.1.2018 shall not be taxed* as cost of acquisition will be taken as Fair Market Value as on 31.1.2018.
5. Tax on *STT paid long term capital Gain will be 10%* under Section 112A. Further such tax will be liable for TDS.
6. *Standard Deduction of Rs 40,000 for salaried employees*. However benefit of transport allowance of Rs 19,200 and Medical Reimbursement of Rs 15,000 under Section 17(2) are being withdrawn. Thus net benefit to salaries class only Rs 5,800
7. Provision of Section 43CA, 50C and 56(2)(x) being amended to allow *5% of sale consideration in variation vis a vis stamp duty value*. On account of location, disadvantage etc.
8. Provision of section 40(ia) and 40A(3) and 40A(3A)are being made applicable to *Charitable Trust*. Hence expenditure incurred without deduction of tax and in cash will not be eligible as application of income under section 10(23C) and section 11(1)(a).
9. Agriculture Commodity Derivates income /loss also not to be considered as speculative under section 43(5).
10. Income Computation and Disclosure Standards(ICDS) being given statutory backing in view of decision of Delhi High Court decision.
11. *Marked to market loss* computed as per ICDS to be allowed under section 36.
12. Gain or loss in Foreign Exchange as per ICDS to be allowed under new section 43AA.
13. Construction Contract income to be computed on percentage completion method as per ICDS.
14. Valuation of Inventory including Securities to be as per ICDS.
15. Interest on compensation, enhanced compensation. Claim or enhancement claim and subsidy, incentives to be taxed in the year of receipt only as per new Section 145B.
16. Conversion of stock in trade to capital asset to be charged as business income in the year of conversion on Fair Market value on the date of conversion.
17. *54EC benefit of investment in Bonds* to be restricted to Capital gain on land and building only. Further period of holding being increased from 3 years to 5 years.
18. *PAN to be obtained by all entities* including HUF other than individuals in case aggregate of financial transaction in a year is Rs 2,50,000 or more. All directors, partners, members of such entities also to obtain PAN.
19. All companies irrespective of income to file return and in case it is not filed, such companies will be liable for prosecution irrespective of the fact weather it has tax liability of Rs 3,000 or not.
20. Assessments to be E assessment under new section 143(3A)
21. No adjustment under section 143(1) while processing on account of mismatch with 26AS and 16A.
22. Deemed dividend to be taxed in the hands of the company itself as Dividend Distribution of tax @ 30%.
23. *Penalty for non filing financial return as required under section 285BA being increased to Rs 500 per day*.

Throw Away That Degree Otherwise*👌🎓🎓

Throw Away That Degree Otherwise*👌🎓🎓

✊Things have changed so we must change too, Universities in the 60s used to produce 1000 graduates each year and they would get jobs even before finishing, but now each year lakhs of Graduates are produced and hardly anybody gets a decent job.

🤷🏻‍♂Where are these people going? Even if We pray day and night, we can’t have jobs for even a quarter of these graduates.

The education system only trains one to be a slave to another, work for someone for a pay cheque and make sure his dreams are achieved, it doesn’t prepare us for the current competitive world where almost everyone has gone to school.

🤔Most of the Educated people are poor not because they are dense but the way they see things just doesn’t apply to the real world. 🕺🏻The lucky ones who get a job earn less salary before tax and other deductions. When the deductions are put into consideration, the net salary is too low. The net salary then suffers from loan deductions, The landlord then demands for his rent and monthly shopping takes away good amount leaving one with 0shs.   The whole salary is gone and borrowed money starts working.

🙃 Most of the degree holders are poverty stricken, borrowing money to buy smart phones, nice clothes, shoes, makeup ,chicken and chips, pizza, and a small car for shobies.

👉🏻The biggest excuse for getting paid such low amounts of money and having to sit and work for another person for 30 days is *THE DEGREE* that one possesses and that’s all. This has made most of the degree holders very poor and will die that way most likely.
💵 *A degree holder does not know how to generate money even from the simplest thing unless that money is generated for the employer. He is so dependent on the salary that he can do anything to get a job but will not think of starting a business of his own to employ others not even operate a chapati Business where he can make 30k a day.*

▪A degree holder is not prepared to sell chips but enjoys them with friends every 3days in a week, my brother think of doing business here

▪A degree holder is not trained how to make money from school yet it’s the order of the day in the real world.

▪A degree holder is not prepared to sell second hand clothes but is very happy to be employed by the business owners and is very good at buying expensive clothes

▪A degree holder is not prepared to make monthly ibcome doing his own business but is very happy to work at the Till in a bank getting paid penuts.

▪A degree holder is not prepared to start a company and grow it in 2 to 3 years but will spend 4 years searching for a job and works for 30years pushing another person’s dream.

▪A degree holder is not prepared to sell food to students but will be happy to be reporting to a boss with no qualifications as long as he is paid a meagre amoubt of salary.

▪A degree holder is so eager to get out of this country and work in another country than spend time to develop his own country by creating solutions and innovations.

▪A degree holder  will watch movies and music on his laptop all the time but never to write a book or research about business opportunities using the same laptop and make money.

▪A degree holder will blame the government for lack of jobs even when he was on government bursary for him to have his degree.

👊 *Why are the degree holders poor?*
Because they have decided to pride themselves in a degree and failed to think better than a man who does not have even a certificate to his name.

👌If you want to progress, throw away that degree and start thinking better than someone without a degree. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and work like an ox for your business.
🍋A lot of opportunities exists but u have to be keen to identify them, Agribusiness Is one of the sectors young graduates should put a keen thought to.
🤝 *Your innovation, commitment, hard work and patience will pay off.*

Eye opener Message for all intelligent Indians.

*intelligent Indians*

Brushing with *Colgate*

Shaving with *Gillette*

Bathing with *Pears*

Aftershave with *Old Spice*

Wearing *Jocky* underwear

Wearing a
*Van heusen* shirt

Wearing a *Levis* pant

Eating *Maggi* and

Drinking *Nescafe*

Using a *Samsung* phone

Wearing a *Ray-ban*

Seeing time on *Casio*

Moving on a *Honda* bike

Using *Apple computer*

with *Coke* on the side

Finishing lunch at ,

Buying Pizza for the
wife from *Dominos*


Then asking a question,

Eye opener Message for all intelligent Indians.


Dear Indian brothers and Sisters,  Please read completely to show concern to our Country.

Dear Indian brothers and Sisters,

Please read completely to show concern to our Country.

Sixty-eight years have passed since India became free. Since it was freed from the clutches of the British till today, India has come a long way in terms of growth and development. Like it is said, “There is no rose without a thorn”, India too has its own set of problems. On the eve of 69th Independence Day, we present to you 69 changes that Indians want in India.

1. Women Safety! Respect Women.
2. Corruption-free India!
3. Every girl should have the Right to Live (no female infanticide), Right to Education and Right to Marry (no honour killing).
4. Good Governance.
5. Free and efficient healthcare for all.
6. Retirement age for politicians.
7. Control over black money.
8. Proper enforcement of laws.
9. Stricter measures for population control.
10. Reformation of education system.
11. A clean India! Proper garbage and drainage system.
12. Improved road network with no potholes or broken roads. All the villages should get ‘pakka’ roads.
13. A streamlined traffic system.
14. Investment in technology to improve drinking water quality.
15. Agriculture should be encouraged and modern agricultural techniques should be used.
16. Stricter laws should be made for unnecessary use of private vehicles; usage of public transport should be made mandatory wherever possible.
17. Power and water supply in every part of the country.
18. A mandatory education qualification should be fixed for politicians too.
19. Equality for all. Say no to reservation!
20. Controlled inflation.
21. Employment for all!
22. The police should be well-equipped and there should be more accountability.
23. Employment rules should be strengthened in both public and private sectors.
24. Care for environment. Every Indian must plant at least one tree.
25. Say no to beggars. Begging is one activity that strictly needs to be discouraged and abolished.
26. A change in the mindset of the people is highly required. The way they look at the society, social norms and individuals need a changed and a sensible approach.
27. Proper disaster management system.
28. Hassle-free government procedures.
29. Poverty eradication.
30. Increase production and usage of products that are ‘Made in India’.
31. Solar plants and rain water harvesting system should be established at maximum infrastructures.
32. Unnecessary expenditure on travel and other things by the politicians should be controlled.
33. Lavish expenditures on organising events on different occasions should be controlled.
34. A language check over the politicians.
35. Biasness on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender should be eradicated.
36. No wastage of food anywhere. More helplines like 1098 should be started.
37. Special economic zones should be constructed in not only metro cities but also every small city, so that people do not have to migrate to the metropolitan cities for employment.
38. More playgrounds for children.
39. Adulteration should be controlled and organic food must be easily made available.
40. Equal education and employment opportunities should be provided to the transgender.
41. Job security for all.
42. Media should be more responsible.
43. Punishing fake godmen and godwomen who beguile people in the name of God.
44. Exploring presidential or other forms of government.
45. Encouraging entrepreneurship among youth.
46. Setting up more educational institutes for agriculture and related studies.
47. Reverse brain drain.
48. Implementation of Uniform Civil Code.
49. Balanced urban and rural development.
50. 100% literacy rate.
51. Respect for all cultures, religions and genders.
52. No communal disputes or riots.
53. More fast-track courts to resolve legal matters quickly and efficiently.
54. Putting a stop on unnecessary expenditure on election campaigns.
55. Complete abolition of child labour and child abuse.
56. Indian politicians need to refrain from being offensive and abusive, be it in social media or reality.
57. India must change its attitude towards debate and give up the policy of disruption.
58. Active participation in politics from the educated class and the youth.
59. Society should accept sexually abused victims as normal human beings.
60. More Wi-Fi enabled zones.
61. Well-organised emergency services at accident sites.
62. Removal of unnecessary taxes.
63. Cutting down the extravagant benefits given to the politicians or the people in power.
64. Improving the conditions of slums.
65. Shelters for stray animals.
66. Affordable home facilities.
67. Cleaning of all the rivers in India.
68. Doing away with the “Chalta Hai” attitude.
69. Promotion of Indian Culture.

These are just some of the changes that we would like to bring in India. However, the suggestions from the readers are welcomed for whatever changes they would like to see in India.

But we as Indians need to understand that to bring a change in the country, firstly we should bring a change in ourselves.