*1) Understand that no experience comes labeled. You are the labeler.*

The power to choose is yours! As William Shakespeare said, “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”. You and only you are the labeler of your experiences.

Do you complain that roses have thorns or do you rejoice that thorns have roses? You have the ability to choose your reactions.

All too often, these decisions to label are not done consciously and your internal dialog will slap on a negative label. You must be aware of this and change it immediately. Realizing your ability to label is an awesome power and a great step towards success. Upon taking control, you can select empowering labels in place of the negative ones. You are in control of the experience.

*2) Avoid blaming yourself for making mistakes.*

The road to success is always under construction. Every morning we awake to a day we have never seen or experienced. Mistakes will be made and obstacles will appear. You have no control over these events but you do control your reaction to them.

It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on. It is when we hurt that we learn. The power to choose how much we learn is ours. Do you see a stumbling block or a stepping-stone? You decide.

*3) Understand that like energies attract.*

Like attracts like. Positive thoughts produce positive results. If you surround yourself in positive emotions, energies, thoughts, and people then positive events will be the end result. Unfortunately, the same is true if you surround yourself in negative energies.

Do you know someone that is always negative and melancholy? Notice that bad luck seems to continuously follow them. They may say that a rain cloud is right above his or her head. Well, they’re right. And as soon as they realize that it is they who create that rain cloud they can chose to make it disappear.

What you plant, so shall you harvest. If you plant rose seeds you get roses right? Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.

*4) Determine what you want and act on it.*

Imagine an archer that did not have a target to shoot his arrow at. He would fire his arrows aimlessly and would not be successful.

Have a goal, write it down, and act upon that goal. Now that there is a clear target you can have a plan of action. A visible target it easier to hit.

Nobody ever sat his or her way to success. It takes hard work, motivation, a positive attitude and a strong belief that you can do it. That combination produces what we call luck. Do not sit back and wait for life to happen to you. Have a plan and take the needed steps to create what you want.

*5) Choose to feel happy.*

It has been said “Act as if and you will become.” Try it. It really works. Put your chin up, smile, and think positive thoughts. Remember the happy times and notice all you have to be grateful for and you will feel lighter, happier and more empowered.

If you frown, groan, grumble, and focus on everything wrong in the world you will feel down, lethargic and negative. Why bother with that? Identify the things and people that make you feel unhappy and eliminate them from your life. Nothing good can come from them.

Choose to be happy and positive. Take steps to insure a more joyful and positive life. Do happy things; see positive movies, read good books, be around positive people, and practice affirmations. Identify the things and people that bring you happy feelings and surround yourself with them. Cultivate your relationship with yourself and you will be successful.

Taking control of your life takes time and requires decisions. The rewards make the efforts worth it.

When to retire? – A study by Dr. Sing Lin.

Interesting Read

When to retire? – A study by Dr. Sing Lin.

This study is worth reading again and again.

It carries a weighty title: “Optimum Strategies for Creativity and Longevity”, and was the hard work of a Dr Sing Lin, a member of National Council of the Chinese Institute of Engineers , USA/Greater New York Chapter.

According to the academic, pension funds in many large American corporations (e.g., Boeing, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, etc.) have in recent years been “over funded” because many retirees who work into their old age and retire after 65 tend to die within two years of retirement.

Many of these late retirees, he observes, do not live long enough to collect their pension money.

Dr Sing Lin says statistics gathered from several corporations indicated that the longer you work, the shorter your life will be.

If people retire at 50, their average life span is 86. If they stop work at 65, their average life span is only 66.8.

An important conclusion from his study is that for every year one works beyond the age of 55, one loses an average of two years of life.

The Boeing experience seems to confirm this: Employees retiring at 65 receive pension checks for only 18 months, on average, prior to death.

Similarly, at Lockheed, employees retiring at 65 receive pension checks for only 17 months, on average, before they die.

Dr David T. Chai, another academic, whom Dr Sing Lin quotes in his research, says the Bell Labs experience is similar to those of Boeing & Lockheed. Chai based this on his casual observation from newsletters on Bell Lab retirees.

Hardworking retirees apparently place too great a burden on their *aging* bodies and minds, such that they become stressed out, says Dr Sing Lin.

This leads to serious health problems which will force them to stop work.

With such long-term stress-induced health problems, they die within two years of their retirement.

On the other hand, people who retire at 55 tend to live long and well into their 80s and beyond.

Dr Sing Lin acknowledges that early retirees are probably wealthier or more able to plan and manage their health and career, and this is probably why they can afford to stop work & still live comfortably.

His observations also reveal that many early retirees do not idle their way into old age. They continue to do part-time work at a more leisurely pace, which reduces stress.

He concluded his research with this advice: Plan your career path and save enough so you can retire comfortably at the age of 55 or earlier to enjoy a long and happy retirement life into your 80s & beyond.

“If you are not able to get out of the pressure-cooker or the high-speed battleground at 55 and have to keep on working until the age of 65 or older, you will probably die within 18 months of retirement,” he writes.

“By working in the pressure cooker for 10 extra years beyond the age of 55, you give up, on average, at least 20 years of your life.”

Intellex Consulting is a One-Stop-Consulting for all your Business and Corporate requirements.

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Senior citizen benefits that you must know

Senior citizen benefits that you must know

At 60, one is considered a senior citizen in India. Senior citizens are entitled to a multitude of financial benefits. While you can avail some benefits at 60, you also get some added benefits at 65. From time to time, the government offers senior citizens financial benefits to make their life easier. Here are a few benefits available to senior citizens in India.

1. Interest income:

Senior citizens are entitled to a tax exemption of Rs. 50,000 for income from fixed deposits, post office interest and savings bank accounts.

2. Health insurance premium:

Senior citizens get a tax exemption of Rs. 50,000 on health insurance premium under Section 80D. Exemption on medical expenditure for critical illnesses is Rs. 1 lakh for both senior citizens and super senior citizens.

3. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY):

The PMVVY scheme was recently extended from March 2018 to March 2020. The investment is capped at Rs. 15 lakh and gives a guaranteed 8 % fixed rate of return for a period of 10 years.

4. Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme (SCSS):

The SCSS scheme offers an interest rate of 8.3% per annum. Any senior citizen over the age of 60 can open the senior citizen savings scheme. If the senior citizen has retired on superannuation or VRS at 55, they can still opt for the SCSS scheme provided they open an account within a month of receipt of retirement benefits and the amount shouldn’t be more than the number of retirement benefits.

5. Professional tax:

In some states, resident senior citizens aged 65 and above are exempt from professional tax.

6. Income tax:

For senior citizens, an income of up to Rs. 3 lakh is non-taxable. For senior citizens over the age of 80, an income of up to Rs. 5 lakh is non-taxable.

7. Travel concessions:

Senior citizens are entitled to discounts on fares. For instance, senior citizens over the age of 60 can avail a discount of 50% on economy class for domestic travel. Women aged 58 are eligible for 50 % discount and men aged 60 and above are eligible for 40 % discount on rail fare. The concession is on all classes of Mail/Rajdhani/Jan Shatabdi/Shatabdi/Duranto/Express trains. Some state and municipal corporations also give discounts on bus fare to senior citizens. There are seats reserved for senior citizens as well. The passenger reservation system automatically allots lower berths to senior citizens subject to availability during ticket booking.

8. Insurance policies:

For seniors aged 60-80, national insurance offers the ‘Varishta Mediclaim Policy’ where the maximum sum insured is Rs. 1 lakh in case of hospitalization and Rs. 2 lakh for critical illnesses. LIC offers the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana that provides assured pension for senior citizens.

9. Subsidized phone bills:

Senior citizens over the age of 65 can avail of BSNL connections without registration charges. They are also eligible for registration of telephone on priority. Senior citizens over the age of 65 get 25% concession on monthly service charges and installation charges for landline connections.

10. Miscellaneous benefits:

Senior citizens get separate queues in hospitals for registration and clinical examination. They can also avail of preferential hearing for their cases by writing to the court. Banks have separate queues for senior citizens and offer them senior citizen cards, priority services etc.


Senior citizen benefits are afforded to those over the age of 60 to make sure they aren’t burdened financially during retirement. The benefits also ensure that they don’t end up being dependent on anyone.
Enjoy Happy retired life !🙌🏻😊




1.JEE main (Joint entrance examination main) Written Exam B.E/B.Tech /B.Arch http://jeemain.nic.in for NIT’S and IIIT’S.

2. JEE ADVANCE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam) Written Exam B.E/B.Tech in IIT http://www.advance.nic.in

3. NEET Written Exam M.B.B.S/ B.D.S in India http://www.aipmt.nic.in now this exam is replaced by NEET.

4. AFMC- (Armed Forces Medical College Entrance Exam Written Exam M.B.B.S(Should Serve 7 Years in Armed Forces) http://www.afmc.nic.in

5. NID NEED(National Entrance Exam for Design Written Exam National Institute of Design and other Design Institutes http://www.nid.edu

6. CLAT- (Common Law Admission Written Exam National Law Universities http://www.clat.ac.in Test)

7. BITSAT(Birla Institute of Technology Science Admission Test) Online Exam B.E in Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in

8. NCHMCT(National Council for Hotel Management Catering Technology Joint Entrance Exam) Written Exam B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration http://www.nchm.nic.in/

9. NDA and NA( National Defense Academy and Naval Academy) Written Exam Conducted by UPSC 3 Years Training for entry into ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORCE http://www.nda.nic.in

10. NEETUG ( National Eligibility Entrance Exam for Under Graduate)AIP MT to be Replaced Written Exam M.B.B.S/ B.D.S http://www.cbscneet.nic.in

11. AIMNET(All India Merchant Navy Entrance Written Exam by Bharat Shipping Ltd B.Tech Marine Engineering/ B.Sc Nautical Science/B.Tech Navel Architecture and Ship Building http://www.aim.net.co.in Test)

12. IIST( Indian Institute of Space Technology) Thiruvananth apuram Written Exam B.Tech- Avionics/ Aerospace Engineering/ Physical Science http://www.iist.ac.in

13. JNU(Jawaharlal Nehru University)NEW DELHI Written Exam B.A Foreign Language http://www.jnu.ac.in

14. CIEFL( Central Institute of English and foreign languages HYDERABAD written Exam B.A. English & Mass communication with specialization in Arabic/French German/Japanese/Russian/Spanish. http://www.efluniversity.ac.in/

15. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) KOLKATTA Bengaluru Written Exam (Indian National Maths Olympiad awardees are exempted) B Sc Statistics (Kolkata ) and B Sc Mathematics(Bengaluru ) http://www.isical.ac.in/

16. Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research Pune, Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali and Thiruvananth apuram Written Exam 5-year BS-MS dual degree in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics / IISER Kolkata offers major in Earth Sciences http://www.iiserpune.ac.in/ (IISER)

17. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) Computer Based Test B.Arch http://www.nata.in/

18. Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Written Exam 4 year Bachelor in science http://www.iisc.ernet.in/

19. All India PreVeterinary Test AIPVT Written Exam to 5 year B.V.Sc and AH http://www.vci.nic.in

20. AIIMS MBBS Entrance Test Written Exam MBBS http://www.aiimsexams.org/

21. All India Entrance Examination for B.Sc in Agriculture and allied sciences at Agriculture Universities AIEEA – Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR Written Exam Bachelor degree in Agriculture , Horticulture , Fisheries, Forestry , Home Science, Sericulture , Biotechnology, Agriculture engineering, Dairy Technology, Food Science and Agricultural marketing http://www.icar.org.in

22. AIIMS Written Exam B.Sc Hons Nursing and Para Medical courses http://www.aiimsexams.org/

23. UCEED 2015 Written Exam B Design program Product Design, IDC IIT Bombay 2015 Communication Design, Interaction Design, Mobility Design and Animation Design http://www.uceed.in/

24. Footwear Design and Development Institute ( FDDI All India Selection Test( AIST 2015 Computer Based Entrance Test Footwear Design http://www.fddiindia.com/

25. NEST 2015 The National National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) Written Exam 5 year integrated M Sc. Course in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics http://www.niser.ac.in/

26. Regional Institute of Education RIE CEE Written Exam B.Sc. B.Ed. / BA B.Ed 4 Year / M Sc B Ed http://www.rieajmer.raj.nic.in/

27. Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) Written Exam Integrated UG / PG and Research Programs ( BA B.Ed, BSc B Ed, BA LLB, Integrated MA, /MA, MSc, MSc B Ed, Integrated M Sc in 10 Central Universities http://www.cucet2015.co.in

28. Humanities and social Sciences Written Exam 5 year integrated MA Course in Developmental Studies and MA in English Studies offered by IIT http://www.hsee.iitm.ac.in Entrance exam HSEE Madras

29. Tata Institute of Social sciences TISS BA Hons Social Work Written Exam 3 year BA Course in Social Work with specialization in Rural Development and for BA and MA integrated program http://www.tiss.edu.in

30. NIFT- (National Institute of Fashion Technology) Written Exam Fashion Technology / Design Management http://www.nift.ac.in/

31. CA programme Common Proficiency Test (CPT) CA http://www.icai.org

32. CS Programme – Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) 2½ years (after graduation), 3½ years (after Class 12) Written Exam CS http://www.icsi.ed

33. BHU – ALL Courses

34. ICI – Indian Chemical Technology.

35. ICAR – Agriculture

36. Jipmer – pondy MBBS

37. IISER – Indian Institute Science Education and Research.

38. Manipal – MUOET.


Manohar Parrikar’s words while he is under treatment for Pancreatitis in US Hospital

Manohar Parrikar’s words while he is under treatment for Pancreatitis in US Hospital

Life has given me abundant political respect and it has become synonymous with my name .
However as I have noticed , except my work I rarely had any other moments of enjoyment . Only my political status has remained a reality .

Today in this bedridden state I introspect my life …the popularity and wealth and that I thought to be milestones of life ..and the inflated ego…all of it appears to be jaded and meaningless as I stand facing the death .

With each passing second as the death creeps to me stealthily , I see the green lights of lifesaving machines around me , their humming noise makes me realize my proximity to death .
At this critical moment I have understood that there is so much more to life than accumulating wealth and fame …..social service and managing our relationships with others whom we like are few things not to be missed .

I realize that of all the political success that I have earned , i can carry nothing with me .

This bed of sickness is the most exclusive bed as nobody can use it except yourself . You can have servants , drivers , employees to serve and earn for you but none to share your sickness.

All the things that are lost can be found or earned back but what cannot be retrieved is …..
As you run through the rat race of life persuing success one must realise that at some point of time you have to reach the last part of drama in the theatre where end of thev show is visible .

So .. learn to first look after yourself , take care of others,
Learn to spend your money and shower your feelings on people around you .

When a child is born he is weeping and when he dies others are weeping
So friends Lets have all the laughter and fun time in between before we call it a day .


What Time Should You Sleep?? By James Pang

What Time Should You Sleep?? By James Pang

Is there a best time to sleep? There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health. How true is that? Is it alright to sleep late and wake up late?

You actually have an amazing biological clock ticking inside your body. It is very precise. It helps to regulate your various body functions including your sleeping time.

From 11pm to 3am, most of your blood circulation concentrates in your liver. Your liver gets larger when filled with more blood. This is an important time when your body undergoes detoxification process. Your liver neutralizes and breaks down body toxins accumulated throughout the day.

However if you don’t sleep at this time, your liver cannot carry out this detoxification process smoothly.

· If you sleep at 11pm, you have full 4 hours to detoxify your body.
· If you sleep at 12am, you have 3 hours.
· If you sleep at 1am, you have 2 hours.
· And if you sleep at 2am, you only have 1 Hr to detoxify.
What if you sleep after 3am? Unfortunately, you won’t have any time to actually detoxify your body. If you continue with this sleeping pattern, these toxins will accumulate in your body over time. You know what happens next.

What if you sleep late and wake up late?

Have you tried going to bed very late at night? Did you realize you feel very tired the next day no matter how much you sleep ?

Sleeping late and waking up late is indeed very bad for your health. Besides not having enough time to detoxify your body, you will miss out other important body functions too.

From 3am to 5am, most blood circulation concentrates in your lung. What should you do at this moment? Well, you should exercise and breathe in fresh air. Take in good energy into your body, preferably in a garden. At this time, the air is very fresh with lots of beneficial negative ions.

From 5am to 7am, most blood circulation concentrates in your large intestine. What should you do at this moment? You should poop! Pass out all unwanted poop from your large intestine. Prepare your body to absorb more nutrients throughout the day.

From 7am to 9am, most blood circulation concentrates in your stomach. What should you do at this moment? Have your breakfast! This is your most important meal in a day. Make sure you have all the required nutrients from your breakfast. Not having breakfast causes lots of health problems for you in the future.

That’s the way to start your day

No wonder people living in villages or in farms are healthier. They sleep early and wake up early as they follow their natural biological clock.

If one follows this you’re sure to feel fresher and more energetic all day long.