Vote wisely to elect best leaders, your single vote will make a difference, see following result

Being a citizen of the world’s biggest democracy, it is not only our right but a moral responsibility to elect the right leader to administer the functioning of the Gujarat State, Proud of Gujarat State. Vande Matram…

Vote wisely to elect best leaders, your single vote will make a difference, see following result

1. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in 1999, the then Prime Minister of India, BJP Governement lost the no-confidence motion and his Prime Ministership in the Parliament by a single vote in April 1999.

2. C.P. Joshi, Congress leader , during 2008, Rajasthan Assembly Elections, Nathdwara constituency , he lost to his opponent Kalyan Singh Chouhan by a single vote and he was one of the Chief Ministerial candidates. Surprisingly, his mother, wife, and driver reportedly didn’t turn up to vote on the polling day.

3. Neena Verma, BJP Member shot to fame after she initially won the Dhar assembly constituency, Madhya Pradesh in 2008 by a margin of just one vote over her nearest rival Balmukund Singh Gautam of the Congress (Verma got 50,510 votes and that of Gautam 50,509).

4. Veteran politician and former governor of Kerala late B Rachiah’s son A R Krishnamurthy, contested on JDS ticket polled 40751 against Dhruvanarayan’s 40752 votes during the 2004 Karnataka assembly elections and lost elections by just one vote. Ironically, his driver was not given the permission by Krishnamurthy to take time off to go and cast his vote.

5. In 1923, one vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party and further he won an election in 1932 and you know he won an election and 50 million people died as a result of that election during Second World War, including 6 million Jews.

6. United Kingdom parliamentary election also decided by a single vote in 1910, when Conservative Henry Duke made a victory against Liberal Harold St. Maur in the South West England City. St. Maur, the challenger, originally won by a four-vote count, but following an electoral petition and a series of subsequent challenges, the incumbent Duke maintained his seat at the House of Commons table by the very slimmest of margins 4777 to 4776.

7. A single vote of Frederick Muhlenberg, the first ever Speaker of the United States (U.S.) House of Representatives on January 9, 1794, prevented German from becoming an official language of the United States.

Author: Manjushree Sudheendra

I am Manjushree Sudheendra studying in 10th Standard in St. Teresa's School, Santacruz, Mumbai

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