Teacher and Student humour

*TEACHER*: Our topic for today is Photosynthesis.

*TEACHER* : What is photosynthesis class?
*Student*: Photosynthesis is our topic today.

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : John is climbing a tree to pick some
mangoes. ( Begin the sentence with Mangoes)
*Student* : Mangoes, John is coming to pick you

*TEACHER* : What do you call mosquitoes in your language?
*Student*: We don’t call them, they come on their own.
*TEACHER* : One day our country will be corruption free. What tense is that??
*Student*: Future impossible tense.


*TEACHER* : How can we keep our school clean?
*Student*: By staying at home.


English Grammar class.

Teacher: What’s the difference between “He cleans the plate” and “the plate is cleaned by him.”

Student: In first sentence ‘he’ is not married, but in second sentence ‘he’ is married….😜😜

Author: Manjushree Sudheendra

I am Manjushree Sudheendra studying in 10th Standard in St. Teresa's School, Santacruz, Mumbai

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