11 Financial Planninng lessons from Ganesha..

11 Financial Planninng lessons from Ganesha..

*1. Big Head*

Think big. Think outside established avenues of investing..

*2. Small Eyes*

Concentrate. Your financial planning needs concentration and you have to focus on the smallest details of investment.

*3. Large Ears*

Listen carefully. Listen to your financial advisor, listen to the news and keep yourself updated.

*4. Small Mouth*

Actions are stronger than words. Listen more and talk less! Your financial plans are not for the world to know.

*5. Ekdanta*

The one tusk symoblizes keeping the good and removing the bad. Study your investments and remove the bad ones periodically.

*6. Vakratunda*

The trunk conveys that one should he efficient and adaptable to ones surroundings. Be patient and don’t panic.

*7. Lambodara*

The big stomach conveys that one should digest both good and bad. Not all investments give you profits. Learn to identify what went wrong.

*8 Right foot over left foot*

Knowledge and reason comes over emotions. Never take decisions based on emotions! Many people make terrible investments just to keep a relationship with their bankers going.

*9. Axe*

Cut away all attachments. Favourite stock, favourite mutual funds are not good in the long run. Don’t get emotionally attached to your investments.

*10. Mooshak*

Mooshak, the mouse, is Ganesha’s ride. It conveys that one can always start small! Investments are not just for the rich and affluent.

*11. Modak*

The fruits of patience are sweet! Give your investments time to grow and reward you.

_Stay devoted to making informed investment decisions and you shall have a wealthy and carefree life.

Author: Manjushree Sudheendra

I am Manjushree Sudheendra studying in 10th Standard in St. Teresa's School, Santacruz, Mumbai

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